Clubhouse on Highland

Clubhouse on Highland


 (205) 324-9633

 2908 Highland Ave. South , Birmingham, AL 35205-

A gracious home of timeless beauty, the perfect place to host your intimate occasions with friends, family, groups, charitable organizations, and educational and social events.

Built in 1910, the finest Arts and Crafts style home in Birmingham, by Molly and William S Brown, the Clubhouse served as a home for the Alabama Federation of Women Club’s 3rd District for over 60 years and continues its charitable legacy today.

Charitable organizations dedicated to the improvement and wellness of Birmingham and the world have flourished in this timeless home.

Host Your Occasions
* Open Membership
* Open for Reservations
* The Clubhouse on Highland is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating an open space for people and organizations to thrive

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All people are welcome to join and support their vision for a better world. We honor diversity, inclusion and self-expression.
Membership Dues: $120/Year.


Location Info

Clubhouse on Highland

2908 Highland Ave. South

Birmingham, AL 35205-