Kentuck Art Center

Kentuck Art Center

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 503 Main Avenue, Northport , AL 35476

Kentuck is a non-profit organization dedicated to perpetuating the arts, engaging the community and empowering the artist.

On the third weekend of October each year we present the Kentuck Festival of Arts, one of the nation’s best-respected and most-loved arts gatherings. At the Kentuck Art Center in historic downtown Northport, Alabama, we offer exhibitions, classes, and shopping year-round. Our galleries, working artists’ studios, and shop are nestled around the Courtyard of Wonders, which features shady retreats and fantastical sculptures–including Rusty the Pointer and the Fire Ant.

We open two new exhibitions each month showcasing the work of contemporary and craft artists. Sometimes traditional, sometimes visionary, always authentic, Kentuck brings art to the community and builds community with art.


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Kentuck Art Center

503 Main Avenue

Northport , AL 35476