Sojourns - A Fair Trade Store

Sojourns - A Fair Trade Store




 2017 3rd Avenue N, Birmingham, AL 35203

Fair trade, also known as alternative trade, plays by a different set of rules than normal commerce. Instead of exchanging goods or services based on clout and driving hard bargains, fair trade is based on economic and social justice. The key goals of fair trade are to empower low-income, disadvantaged artisans, laborers and farmers around the globe, and to promote understanding between them and industrialized nations.

• Fair trade advocates for a fair and living wage to artists, artisans and producers and provides revenue to promote social and economic development for communities.

• Fair trade advocates for democratic management of artist cooperatives

• Fair trade advocates for environmentally friendly and sustainable products

• Fair trade does not support forced or child labor

There are almost 200 fair trade stores around the country and Sojourns is proud to be the first wholly fair trade store in Alabama.

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Sojourns - A Fair Trade Store

2017 3rd Avenue N

Birmingham, AL 35203