Higgins Ferry Launch

Higgins Ferry Launch

Campground - Park/Garden

Website: http://newchiltoncounty.org/higginsferry/higginsferryhome.htm

 205-312 1146

 11161 County Road 28, Clanton, AL 35046


OCCUPANCY Maximum occupancy per camp site is 8 persons. Over 4
persons per camp site is charged an additional $1.00 each day.
2 motor vehicles per camp site.

RESERVATIONS; A deposit equal to one nights rental will be required in
order to reserve a campsite. Unless reservations is cancelled 2 days in
advance, the deposit is non-refundable. There is no firm reservation on a
specific campsite.

1. USE OF FACIUTIES-It shall be unlawful to erect or occupy any site
with unsightly or inappropriate camping equipment Pitch dug tents or
perking trailers or other camping equipment designated for such
purposes shall be unlawful.
A $5.00 refundable key charge. Bathhouse locked at 9 PM open at 7 AM
2A} Operation of Vehicle-Driving any vehicle careless and needlessly
disregarding the rights or safety of others or in a manner so as to endanger
or be likely to endanger any person or property shall be unlawful.

Bringing a dog, cat, or other animal into the park unless it is caged or upon a leash not longer than 6ft. Or otherwise under physical restrictive control at all time* shall be unlawful. No persons shall keep noisy animals, dangerous dog or animal or one which is disturbing other persons in the park.
Cleaning offish or food or washing clothing at faucets located in restrooms shall be unlawful.
No persons shall use the Park refuse containers or other park refuse utilities for dumping household or commercial garbage or trash brought as such private property.

Location Info

Higgins Ferry Launch

11161 County Road 28

Clanton, AL 35046