Mountaintop Community Church

Mountaintop Community Church




 225 Centerview Drive, Birmingham, AL 35216

 Mountaintop Community Church began twenty years ago with a vision to reach out to people in and around Birmingham who did not have a church home. From the start, we have been a place where it doesn’t matter where you are from or who you are; everyone is welcome and everyone is invited to “get in the game.” God blessed the church’s initial efforts with growth that is now transforming lives and touching hearts all about the world. The Compassion Ministry at Mountaintop exists to encourage the transformation of hearts and lives through serving the under-resourced both locally and internationally.

Today our family includes a rich diversity of people passionate about sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Because of this, Mountaintop Community Church has become known as a safe place to experience God’s relentless love. Lives are being transformed as we:

– Help hurting people find healing
– Challenge everyone to grow
– Reach out beyond ourselves with the love of Jesus Christ.

Location Info

Mountaintop Community Church

225 Centerview Drive

Birmingham, AL 35216