Vestavia Hills Baptist Church

Vestavia Hills Baptist Church


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 2600 Vestavia Drive, Birmingham, AL 35216

 Welcome has become so common that we forget what it means. Originally the word came from terms that meant "a desired guest." Not everyone is welcome in our lives! In this time of stress and strain, to be welcomed means to belong somewhere. When we say "welcome" to you, it is an expression of the character of this fellowship of faith.

Genuine Christian community is a gracious gift in a world of transactions, anonymity, and hurry.

We do not consider fellowship as a means to some other end, like growing the church numerically or achieving certain goals.

Fellowship is at the heart of our very lives as Christians. All that we do, hopefully, leads us toward fellowship with God and one another.

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Vestavia Hills Baptist Church

2600 Vestavia Drive

Birmingham, AL 35216