Hope Christian School

Hope Christian School

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 419 Philippians Blvd , Pelham, AL 35124

 Hope Christian School (Hope) is a church school founded on Jesus Christ with a vision of aiding Christian parents in educating their children while equipping this generation with Biblical understanding and wisdom, academic excellence, self-discipline, and physical education.

Hope is both an administrative overseer (conventional school) and an enabler (home education). The purpose of Hope is to minister to the needs of parents who wish to take up their God given responsibility to educate their children primarily or exclusively within the home environment.

The programs of Hope are geared directly to the needs of parents and children who have chosen home education as an educational alternative. Hope assists parents by offering them a system of encouragement and support, a framework of structure and direction, a point of academic reference, a means of accountability, and a resource of information and training. Hope offers children access to group activities and learning experiences which enhance their academic, social, physical, and emotional development. The program includes but is not limited to group classes, standardized achievement tests, team sports, play days, and field trips. In addition to activities for the students, Hope offers parent/teachers local family support groups, workshops, seminars and social functions.

Application for Enrollment in Hope is open to all home education households which are committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, meet the enrollment requirements set forth by the Hope Church Board, and are in agreement with our doctrinal statement as well as our procedures, policies, and standards. Hope reserves the right to deny any application not in accordance with these standards and policies. Hope is not racially discriminatory and does not exclude families from enrollment in its programs and activities based on race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.

Hope is an independent, Christian ministry of HOPE CHURCH of Pelham. We are a ministry designed to serve the needs of the home.

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Hope Christian School

419 Philippians Blvd

Pelham, AL 35124