The Wherehouse

The Wherehouse


 (205) 631-2221

 3086 Decatur Hwy, Gardendale, AL 35071

 The Wherehouse is a new multi-use facility available for parties, theatre productions, art shows,super bowl parties, movie night, disco nite, watching a band, or even recording a band. Seating for up to 150 people. Buffet for up to 200 people.

Entire floor covered in dancefloor, tables and chairs, linen and party lighting for rent. Also rent a projector, sound system and mirror
ball. An alcohol friendly event hall, bring your decorations, bring your loud music, bring your kids, all are welome. Handicap friendly. tall
walls with beautiful lighting. Free WiFi available. Ample parking.

Location Info

The Wherehouse

3086 Decatur Hwy

Gardendale, AL 35071