Saint Junia United Methodist Church

Saint Junia United Methodist Church



 844 53rd Street South, Birmingham, AL 35212

The vision of Saint Junia is to become a diverse community of sinners, saints, and skeptics who join God in the renewal of all things.

Becoming a diverse community— Our goal is to become as diverse as the Kingdom itself. Since God shows no partiality (Acts 10:34, Galatians 2:6), and since all people are made in the image of God, our desire is to become a community in which black, white, and Latino, gay and straight, old and young, rich and poor, male and female are welcome to the table and invited to use their diverse gifts for worship and ministry. We want to be a witness to Birmingham and to the world that the Good News is for all people.

…of sinners, saints, and skeptics—Martin Luther said that we are simultaneously sinners and saints, and it has been said that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. All of us have doubts. The first disciples followed Jesus before they ever came to believe in him, and in this community we emphasize following the way of Jesus even in the midst of doubt. Plenty of people believe, but do not act. Jesus invites us to act our way into believing.

…who join God in the renewal of all things.—The Gospel is not just about getting our souls into heaven—it’s about getting heaven into our world. Salvation is about renewing our spirits, our bodies, our relationships, our schools, our neighborhoods, our society. The message of Jesus’ resurrection is that God is not through with us yet, that Jesus is still working in us, among us, and through us, and that he invites us to be part of God’s world-salvage project.

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Saint Junia United Methodist Church

844 53rd Street South

Birmingham, AL 35212