The Keep

The Keep



 8919 Highway 119 Suite 104, Alabaster, AL 35007

 The Keep is your one stop shop for all things vintage, quirky, and nostalgic. Owners Todd and Karen Williams take pride in finding unique items and getting them into the hands of people that will love them. We’re located on Highway 119 in Alabaster and we buy, sell, and trade just about everything from retro clothing to rare comic books and video games of any era.

If you’ve liberated some treasures of your own from a basement or old storage room (or pillaged a dragon’s hoard – that’s where we get most of our goods) and would like to turn that stuff into cash or barter it for some of our wares then bring it in and we’ll take a look! Unfortunately we can’t promise to buy everything you bring us so use your best judgment when deciding if it’s a good idea to drag in that 50 lb. box of Milli Vanilli memorabilia.

If you’re planning on bringing in a ton of stuff or need us to make a house call, contact us by phone or email to schedule an appointment.

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We do not accepts checks. Store credit must be used in full on the same visit it is given.

All items are sold AS IS. No exceptions. Please thoroughly inspect/test all items in-store prior to purchase to be sure they meet with your approval. We provide a private dressing room, several mirrors, and a way to test most video games, consoles, and other electronics in the store.

Location Info

The Keep

8919 Highway 119 Suite 104

Alabaster, AL 35007