Hodges Chapel - Samford University

Hodges Chapel - Samford University


 800 Lakeshore Dr., Birmingham, AL 35209

The Andrew Gerow Hodges Chapel was consecrated as a hallowed place of worship in 1995. It is dedicated to the glory of the living, triune, God, for the service of his church and the furtherance of his kingdom. This chapel is spoken of as “A Sermon in Stone” for its witness of the Gospel message through sacred art and architecture. It is a witness to the gospel of the living God to the Samford community, to the surrounding community of Birmingham and to far reaching places in the world. The visible prominence of Hodges Chapel as the center of Divinity Hall reminds us of the Great Commission and that we are to glorify God in all we do.  

When Beeson Divinity School was founded in 1988, one of Mr. Beeson’s requests was that the Divinity School house a “special” chapel. Though he did not live to see its completion, Mr. Beeson’s wishes were fulfilled. Architect, Neil Davis, designed Hodges Chapel as of place for the worship of the Triune God. It is a unique house of worship redolent with beautiful art and symbols of the Christian faith, which turn our attention heavenward, beyond the chapel dome. In the fall of 2002, the chapel was officially named in honor of Andrew Gerow Hodges, close personal friend and advisor to the late Mr. Ralph Beeson.  

A variety of worship services takes place in Hodges Chapel throughout the year. The Beeson Divinity School community and the wider Samford community gather each Tuesday during the semester for its weekly chapel service. Other events, such as endowed lecture series, take place in the chapel throughout the year. Beeson is an evangelical, interdenominational theological school, and the doors of Hodges Chapel are open to welcome all visitors.

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Hodges Chapel - Samford University

800 Lakeshore Dr.

Birmingham, AL 35209