The Ballard House Project, Inc.

The Ballard House Project, Inc.

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 1420 7th Ave N., Birmingham, AL 35203

The Ballard House Project, Inc. is a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to gathering and documenting this history with our community, state, and beyond. Located in the Birmingham Civil Rights Historic District, we share insight on how people of color lived, worked, socialized, and served their communities across the Magic City in the decades leading to its role on 1960’s national and world stage and since. According to Majella Chube Hamilton, Executive Director, “Historically, our communities were minimized, marginalized, or ignored in mainstream newspapers, periodicals, reports, books, airwaves, etc. Few of their voices were heard on issues important to their lives, except in African American newspapers, church bulletins, business and organizational minutes, personal records, and some books. This is why our ongoing mission of celebrating a legacy of the African-American experience is important to the community as a whole.”

The Ballard House Project, Inc., dedicated to preserving the heritage, voices, and contributions of Birmingham’s community, is supported by the City of Birmingham, Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, Alabama Power Foundation, Ruffner Page Family Trust, Protective Life Foundation, Wells Fargo, and generous donations from organizations and individuals.

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The Ballard House Project, Inc.

1420 7th Ave N.

Birmingham, AL 35203