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While we have no paid advertising on the site, we do have a cooperative marketing program.

In addition to calendar listings, Birmingham365 has banner ads available on every page of the site. We invite non-profit organizations to contact us to discuss trading ad space promoting your program/event for comparable visibility for Birmingham365 or Create Birmingham. Contact Jessica Moody to discuss a cooperative marketing agreement.

Eligible organizations can use a banner ad to sell tickets to shows, recruit program participants, generate support for a fundraiser, raise the profile of the organization, etc. These banner ads appear on every page of the Birmingham365 website and, because there are such a limited number of them, they have especially high visibility to site visitors.

In trade, eligible organizations provide substantive promotion of Birmingham365 to their constituents. This could be an ad in an event program, a logo on a poster or print advertisement, signage at an event, etc. Each trade agreement is a little different, and we are open to unique opportunities. Contact Jessica Moody to explore a cooperative marketing agreement and secure the ad dates you want.